Video Sequence

The final project was to produce a short video made up of short still clips, edited together to produce a video sequence.  My video sequence was the holiday event my job held.  The purpose of my video was to show the event and what goes on inside of the store on a daily basis, as well as show artist-customer interaction.

I edited the video in Adobe Premiere and included music, transitions, and sound effects to make the video more engaging.  I also created a storyboard to plan out how I wanted to shoot the video and what should be included.


Dr. Banks Campus Safety Presentation

Dr. Kevin Banks, Vice President of Student Affairs came to our class on November 22 to give a campus safety presentation.  Here is a recap of what  he spoke about during the presentation:

Dr. Kevin Banks of Newark, New Jersey has been the Vice President of Student Affairs at Morgan State University since August 2012.  Prior to being at Morgan, Dr. Banks was the Dean at the University of South Florida in Tampa for 6 years.

As an alum of an HBCU, Winston-Salem University in North Carolina, Dr. Banks is personally invested in his role here at Morgan.  In is role of VP of Student Affairs, Dr. Banks sees students after they have been recommended for suspension or expulsion, where they must appeal to him to stay at the university.  Dr. Banks is also responsible for notifying students and faculty when unfortunate incidents occur on or around campus, as well as notifying family members when something happens to their MSU student.

Dr. Banks believes that “without students, there would be no need for institution.”  This means that as VP of Student Affairs, he does everything possible to help students succeed and keep them safe while attending the university.  Students can do this by adhering to Morgan’s Code of Conduct and Core Values, as well as by implementing certain safety measures to ensure they know what to do and how to react to a potentially dangerous situation, or prevent that situation all together.  Three sub-themes of the presentation, which are knowing Title IX and the importance of it, knowing and following Morgan’s Core Values and Code of Conduct are key things students need to know while here at MSU.

Dr. Banks recounted several instances where students put themselves and others in dangerous situations.  This was the most interesting part of the presentation for me because I can relate to some of these stories, as I have been in similar situations.

Using a buddy system, abstaining from alcohol and drugs, being aware of surroundings on and off campus, practicing good crisis-management skills, using campus resources like the shuttle service, and knowing important numbers like the campus police are all ways Dr. Banks says students can stay safe.  I believe that if all students had easy access to this information, the campus could be a much safer place for everyone.  I can personally make Morgan a safer place by continuing to encourage my fellow students to use effective crisis-management techniques in order to diffuse tense situations before they escalate.

I have also included Dr. Banks’s PowerPoint Presentation:

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Audio Production

For the audio feature assignment, we conducted an interview on a topic of our choosing.  I chose to interview two people about an on-campus  event in which Google came to the school in an attempt to get students to apply for internships and jobs.  Prior to conducting the interview, I constructed a proposal as a guide to ensure that all components of the interview were included.  The proposal  included the topic, genre, purpose, three objectives, target audience, names of interviewees, equipment to be used, sound effects, and questions for the interviewees.

Adobe Audition is the program I used to edit the interview, which was recorded on a Zoom recorder.  In oder for the interview to sound seamless, I edited my questions out of the interview and later recorded and inserted the questions at the appropriate points.  I also eliminated any sound distortions that would be distracting in the audio feature.  Click the play button below to listen to the interview.


Adobe PhotoShop

This assignment was one of my favorites.  The class was assigned to create a composite image in PhotoShop using a background photo and a main subject.  I used a scenic beach picture of myself and my fiancé and placed a photo of my son in the foreground of the picture.  The end result was a nice family beach photo.  I cut him out of a picture I took of him in a hotel room and placed the picture in the beach photo.  I also smoothed out the sand in the picture and removed some of the rocks to eliminate some distractions, as well as straightened out the horizon.


Graphics for Video, Web & Print

For our next assignment, the class used Adobe Illustrator to create a graphic that could be used for a logo.  Using a tutorial, we made a “side slice pizza logo”, following the videos step-by-step in order to achieve a replica of the logo made in the video.  I enjoyed using Illustrator, as knowing how to operate this program will help me create logos in the future.  I can use these logos for my own business, as well as for my future career in Public Relations.  Below is the logo I created using the tutorial.

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 2.27.18 PM.png

The midterm assignment also required the use of Adobe Illustrator.  In this assignment, I constructed a creative brief in order to have an accurate idea of what the client wanted to achieve in having me create the logo.  The brief included background information on the client, an overview and objective of creating the logo, target audience, the message and tone the client intends to set with the logo, a rough sketch, and timeline.  The logo I created was for my makeup business, Faces By Jenny, and it is shown below:


Mac PowerPoint

This semester in Intro to Multiplatform Production, the class used a Mac computer for all of our assignments.  Therefore, we needed to be well-versed in the basic functions of this computer and Mac’s operating system.  After Professor Redd lectured and demonstrated how to operate a Mac, the class made PowerPoint Presentations reviewing what we learned  about Mac’s operating system and how knowing these things would help us beyond the classroom.  The presentation is shown below:

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The word “multimedia” is used to describe the various ways in which people obtain and share various types of information.  Types of media include print, television, social media, and films.  Multimedia is a huge part of my everyday life, and something in which my family and I engage on a daily basis.

I rely on multimedia primarily for my studies.  Being a Public Relations major, I view various types of media to complete assignments and gather research and information.  I listen to the radio in the car, music and talk radio, alike, and at home, I like to watch television, read books, as well as surf the internet.

Many would think of multimedia as technology only, but print is also a form of media.  Though technology has taken over (and rightfully so) due to its ability to connect people instantly, as well as provide us with information that otherwise may not be easily accessible, I use books and other printed media to teach my son.  Certain types of printed media may soon be obsolete, so I want to make sure my son experiences the joys of holding a book and  physically turning the pages.

Multimedia is a great way to keep people informed and connected.  Each type of media conveys messages in its own unique way.  A video covering a news story can provide a different experience to a viewer than a newspaper.  With so many technological advances, the average person can now create media that is instantly shared with the world.  I am interested to see the new forms of media that will be developed in coming years, as the realm of multimedia continues to expand.