Google’s Humble Beginnings

Google Inc. is a search engine company founded in America by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998.  The company, which believes that “work should be challenging and the challenge should be fun” provides a multitude of products and services for people and businesses globally.  The two founders met in 1995 at Stanford University where Page was shadowing Brin while considering whether to attend grad school at the California research institution.  Together, they built a search engine called Backrub that determined the importance of internet web pages.  Backrub eventually became Google, a word that reflects Brin and Page’s mission to “organize the world’s information and make it universally assessable and useful.”

Google Inc. was officially founded in 1998 after the company caught the attention of some Silicon Valley investors who gave Page and Brin $100,000 to start the company.  The company quickly expanded, and today Google’s headquarters are located in Mountain View, California, and there are more than 70 offices in more than 50 countries worldwide.  Over 60,000 employees are employed at this multi-billion-dollar company known for its high energy and fast-paced work environment.

Rated by Forbes as the world’s second most valuable brand, Google has a multitude of products and services, though their unmatched search engine remains the heart and soul of the company.  One of Google’s success secrets is that they are a collective entrepreneurship, meaning they “allow a diverse group of people to share the risks and the rewards associated with the discovery and exploitation of new business opportunities,” according to an article on written by Panos Mourdoukoutas.  In this mutually beneficial exchange, viewers get valuable sought-out information, advertisers are able to reach a wide audience, and Google’s search engine is heavily used.  This is why Google is the most popular search engine on the web—their business and marketing strategies are unique and unparalleled.


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