Move Over Lyft and Uber! Google Has a New Ride-Sharing App

Did you know that Google has a ride-sharing app?  After a successful trial run in Israel and San Francisco, Google has decided to expand service to the United States and Latin America.  “Waze”, which is the name of the app, is in the United States now as a navigation service that tells you of upcoming obstacles in your road trip, and now it will add ride-sharing to its roster.  Instead of the conventional request-a-ride model that Uber ad Lyft use, Waze aims to encourage drivers already headed somewhere to pick up riders along the way.  Ride costs are also considerably lower than that of Uber and Lyft, with a ride normally costing $11-$12 only costing Waze users $4.50, according to the Wall Street Journal.  Though Waze will not take a percentage of the ride fee from drivers, the pay is a lot less than that of Lyft and Uber.  The purpose is to discourage drivers from making Waze their only source of income.  It is also important to note that Waze may be taking up to a 15% cut of the drivers’ wages in the near future, should the app reach success in the U.S. and Latin America.


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