Generation X Actually Spends More Time on Social Media than Millennials

This January, Nielsen, one of the largest research companies in the world, specializing in media research, released a report stating that Generation X (adults ages 35-49) spends, on average, 39 minutes more per week on social media sites when compared to Millennials (ages 18-34).  This report is surprising to many, as it is contrary to the stereotype that Millennials cannot part with their phones and spend too much time on the devices.

The information for the report was based on data gathered from both smartphone and tablet users, with Facebook being the most popular app.  This makes sense, since Facebook seems to be more widely used among Generation X, with Instagram and Snapchat being the top-pick for Millennials.

So the next time your parents or professors tell you that you spend too much time on social media, kindly remind them that their generation actually holds the number 1 spot for social media consumption, and you have the statistics to prove it!


Introduction to My Semester Project Topic

The topic of “How Black Students Fare in Majority White Schools” is one that I am interested in, in part, because I have attended both white and Black schools and have experienced different results at both.  The blog below is a piece I wrote last semester that sparked a fire in me to further examine this topic.  Future posts will examine articles, statistics, testimonials, interviews, etc. that pertain to this topic.  Enjoy!