Dr. Banks Campus Safety Presentation

Dr. Kevin Banks, Vice President of Student Affairs came to our class on November 22 to give a campus safety presentation.  Here is a recap of what  he spoke about during the presentation:

Dr. Kevin Banks of Newark, New Jersey has been the Vice President of Student Affairs at Morgan State University since August 2012.  Prior to being at Morgan, Dr. Banks was the Dean at the University of South Florida in Tampa for 6 years.

As an alum of an HBCU, Winston-Salem University in North Carolina, Dr. Banks is personally invested in his role here at Morgan.  In is role of VP of Student Affairs, Dr. Banks sees students after they have been recommended for suspension or expulsion, where they must appeal to him to stay at the university.  Dr. Banks is also responsible for notifying students and faculty when unfortunate incidents occur on or around campus, as well as notifying family members when something happens to their MSU student.

Dr. Banks believes that “without students, there would be no need for institution.”  This means that as VP of Student Affairs, he does everything possible to help students succeed and keep them safe while attending the university.  Students can do this by adhering to Morgan’s Code of Conduct and Core Values, as well as by implementing certain safety measures to ensure they know what to do and how to react to a potentially dangerous situation, or prevent that situation all together.  Three sub-themes of the presentation, which are knowing Title IX and the importance of it, knowing and following Morgan’s Core Values and Code of Conduct are key things students need to know while here at MSU.

Dr. Banks recounted several instances where students put themselves and others in dangerous situations.  This was the most interesting part of the presentation for me because I can relate to some of these stories, as I have been in similar situations.

Using a buddy system, abstaining from alcohol and drugs, being aware of surroundings on and off campus, practicing good crisis-management skills, using campus resources like the shuttle service, and knowing important numbers like the campus police are all ways Dr. Banks says students can stay safe.  I believe that if all students had easy access to this information, the campus could be a much safer place for everyone.  I can personally make Morgan a safer place by continuing to encourage my fellow students to use effective crisis-management techniques in order to diffuse tense situations before they escalate.

I have also included Dr. Banks’s PowerPoint Presentation:

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