Audio Production

For the audio feature assignment, we conducted an interview on a topic of our choosing.  I chose to interview two people about an on-campus  event in which Google came to the school in an attempt to get students to apply for internships and jobs.  Prior to conducting the interview, I constructed a proposal as a guide to ensure that all components of the interview were included.  The proposal  included the topic, genre, purpose, three objectives, target audience, names of interviewees, equipment to be used, sound effects, and questions for the interviewees.

Adobe Audition is the program I used to edit the interview, which was recorded on a Zoom recorder.  In oder for the interview to sound seamless, I edited my questions out of the interview and later recorded and inserted the questions at the appropriate points.  I also eliminated any sound distortions that would be distracting in the audio feature.  Click the play button below to listen to the interview.



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