Graphics for Video, Web & Print

For our next assignment, the class used Adobe Illustrator to create a graphic that could be used for a logo.  Using a tutorial, we made a “side slice pizza logo”, following the videos step-by-step in order to achieve a replica of the logo made in the video.  I enjoyed using Illustrator, as knowing how to operate this program will help me create logos in the future.  I can use these logos for my own business, as well as for my future career in Public Relations.  Below is the logo I created using the tutorial.

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 2.27.18 PM.png

The midterm assignment also required the use of Adobe Illustrator.  In this assignment, I constructed a creative brief in order to have an accurate idea of what the client wanted to achieve in having me create the logo.  The brief included background information on the client, an overview and objective of creating the logo, target audience, the message and tone the client intends to set with the logo, a rough sketch, and timeline.  The logo I created was for my makeup business, Faces By Jenny, and it is shown below:



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