These Things Need to Disappear in 2017

The year 2016 has definitely been a “WTF” year for me and for many people I know.  Some events floored me, others made me shake my head, but most of the big news stories of 2016 angered me—made me want to pack all my stuff and “go back to Africa”, as the white people say.  As I watch the year come to a close, there are some things I really hope don’t carry into 2017.


  1. Cultural Appropriation

Marc Jacobs, a popular American fashion designer, caused an uproar when his white models marched down the runway in his Spring/Summer 2017 fashion show wearing locks in their hair.  His initial response to the backlash was “All who cry ‘cultural appropriation’ or whatever nonsense about any race or skin color wearing their hair in any particular style or manner-funny how you don’t criticize women of color for straightening their hair.”  Mr. Jacobs clearly lacks knowledge in the diversity department because people of color have all types of hair textures.  To use a style that is unique to Blacks and not use ONE Black model in the fashion show was a serious violation.


Then we have these “boxer braids”, better known as cornrows.


Baby hair or “slicked down tendrils” as Lucky Magazine called them.


….Annnnddd this abomination, also known as Rachel Dolezal.  She’s been fairly quiet this year, and we, the people, would like to keep it that way in 2017.


See, cultural appropriation is not the same as cultural appreciation.  People of color are the originators of everything flavorful, so we understand why people would want to emulate our style.  However, stealing and renaming Black trends in an attempt to erase the history and claim them as your own isn’t going to go over so well—shame on the white media.




  1. The Hunting of Black Bodies

Blacks are literally being hunted down by police officers.  Officials entrusted to uphold the law and conduct themselves responsibly have long been killing Blacks, but this year, a week didn’t go by that we didn’t hear about an innocent Black man or woman being gunned down by a racist, cowardly police officer.  Several instances were even caught on tape—people all over witnessed numerous Blacks being murdered in cold blood, for no reason at all.  It got so bad that it started to feel like a trend.  Traffic stops are now potential life or death situations.  We fear for our innocent children, that they will be gunned down by a uniformed coward for looking older or bigger than they should.  I was so sickened and saddened by this year’s events, and in 2017 it needs to stop—it better stop.  We are not wild game.  We will not accept being hunted.  I REPEAT, WE WILL NOT ACCEPT BEING HUNTED.


  1. Pokémon GO and every other timely distraction

Every time a major social injustice issue arises, the media somehow introduces and glorifies its next big thing.  As a result, the same people who were enraged and planning a rally, protest, or some other necessary action end up with their faces in their phones aimlessly searching the streets trying to capture cartoon characters.  Don’t be distracted, friends.


  1. Donald Trump

Every night I pray this nightmare will go away.  I still have hope that, somehow, he won’t make it into the White House in January.


  1. White Tears

I know that 2016 has been devastating for white people.  The country is overrun by Blacks, Muslims, and Mexicans, the Blacks have practically ruined the White House, and now about half of you are being called racists for voting for and supporting a presidential candidate who has a history of racist business practices, inciting violence, groping women, talking about groping women, and using racial slurs.  I’d like to assure the whites that it will be ok—2017 will be your year!  So dry your tears; you won’t be a victim much longer.


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