The word “multimedia” is used to describe the various ways in which people obtain and share various types of information.  Types of media include print, television, social media, and films.  Multimedia is a huge part of my everyday life, and something in which my family and I engage on a daily basis.

I rely on multimedia primarily for my studies.  Being a Public Relations major, I view various types of media to complete assignments and gather research and information.  I listen to the radio in the car, music and talk radio, alike, and at home, I like to watch television, read books, as well as surf the internet.

Many would think of multimedia as technology only, but print is also a form of media.  Though technology has taken over (and rightfully so) due to its ability to connect people instantly, as well as provide us with information that otherwise may not be easily accessible, I use books and other printed media to teach my son.  Certain types of printed media may soon be obsolete, so I want to make sure my son experiences the joys of holding a book and  physically turning the pages.

Multimedia is a great way to keep people informed and connected.  Each type of media conveys messages in its own unique way.  A video covering a news story can provide a different experience to a viewer than a newspaper.  With so many technological advances, the average person can now create media that is instantly shared with the world.  I am interested to see the new forms of media that will be developed in coming years, as the realm of multimedia continues to expand.


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